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While 2018 did not answer everything, one trend is clear: pundits who predicted that local broadcast television advertising would lose its importance were wrong — very wrong.
The official numbers are in, and according to WPP competitive ad tracking units Kantar Media and its CMAG political media specialty division, the 2018 campaign ad spending set new bars for both broadcast TV and digital media.
More than $3 billion — a record for any election cycle — was spent on local broadcast TV spots according to Kantar/CMAG. “There is no doubt that local broadcast TV delivers for political campaigns,” said Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB.
With Democrats securing a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, key committees controlling media law and policy — Energy and Commerce and its Communications and Technology Subcommittee — will get new leadership that may be less friendly to broadcasting interests than the outgoing Republicans.
On the backs of what is expected to be a record election turnout for a midterm election, there is a record turnout when it comes to midterms advertising spending -- $2.9 billion, according to Advertising Analytics, that amount is almost double what it was in the last midterm elections in 2014.
This year, editors and executives from the Times, Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News all told POLITICO that they will be prepared for any outcome — and will make sure their readers and viewers are, too.
There's one thing the highly competitive broadcast news anchors and producers responsible for covering the midterm elections can agree on: the stakes almost couldn't be higher, both for politicians and the television networks that cover them.

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