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Senate Leadership Fund is accusing Rosen of voting to shut down the government in this new ad.
Next-Gen TV will allow local TV broadcasters to deliver hyperlocal content over-the-air— including commercials of all sorts— and they need to get serious about it to remain competitive.
Marci Ryvicker is predicting that total political ad spending for the 2017-2018 cycle will be up 15% to $4.4 billion, with $2.4 billion, or 54 percent, attributable to local TV.
Senate Democratic candidates and allied outside groups have devoted more than 40% of their TV ads this year to health care – spending a combined $17 million on spots pledging to protect people with pre-existing conditions, fight for lower drug prices and guard against cuts to Medicare.
Facebook, which recently tightened its identity and disclosure requirements for political advertisers in response to public and Congressional criticism, now faces a backlash from a coalition of civil rights groups asserting its new policies are discriminatory.
the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) hosted an exclusive discussion with state and national experts on the 2018 election and how to effectively reach voters through television advertising in Nevada.
With journalists covering gubernatorial and U.S. Senate and House races in Michigan, Florida, Texas and Virginia, Graham Media Group says it is committed to in-depth political reporting this fall.

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