Valentine’s Day 2018

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According to the NRF, Valentine’s Day was the 3rd highest spending event in the first half of 2017. Americans continued to give gifts of jewelry, flowers and clothing, and went out for romantic dinners with their loved ones.

TVB’s 2018 Valentine’s Day analysis demonstrates how marketers can target the Valentine’s Day shopper in key retail categories.

TVB's analysis of Valentine’s Day gift shopping and TV viewing revealed that:

  • Total Valentine’s Day spending in 2017 was $136.6 million.
  • 78% of significant others will receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, while other family members, friends, teachers, and community members will also receive gifts.
  • TV is the top platform for reach and time spent.
  • Top Valentine’s Day gifts include jewelry, flowers, an evening out, clothing, and candy.
  • Key retailers benefiting from Valentine’s Day have strong geographic skews which can be targeted through local broadcast television.


Source: NRF January 2017. Excludes second half 2017 Events and Winter Holidays.


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