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Until recently, targeting to that one individual user wasn't an option. Instead, a marketer would have to run local ads of a suitable demographic, such as people between the ages of 18-49. For 99% or so of viewers, that ad might not communicate a relevant message.
The Ad Council and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) are launching a new installment of Project Roadblock to remind people not to drink and drive, marking the industry’s largest annual TV station-supported initiative of a single PSA campaign.
In a new #TVisSocial report, the Video Advertising Bureau, which represents many of the big TV networks and distributors, says that TV shows and other televised events dominate the topics that trend on the social messaging service.
Over the long term, local over-the-top services will need to double down on the quality of programming they serve up. Why? Because competition is going to intensify, and it won’t come just from other local stations’ streamed channels or national players, but newspapers and digital as well.
Katz Networks said it plans to relaunch crime and trial based Court TV as a 24-hour channel. The channel already has distribution agreements with station group owners including Tribune, Scripps and Univision that will enable it to reach 50% of the U.S. at launch.
The recipients of TVNewsCheck’s first Social Media Excellence Awards say TV stations should find ways to use social media more creatively to not only establish a bond with viewers but also to bring in some additional revenue.
If broadcasters want younger viewers to continue watching their programming, they “have to become masters of the streaming environment,” a top media research exec told an audience of TV station execs at the sixth annual NewsTECHForum in New York.
NBCUniversal’s 40 owned and operated NBC and Telemundo stations are moving in many directions with experiments in technology aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of viewers.
CBS Television Stations took a big leap toward ensuring that local content retains its prime place in viewers’ hearts and minds in an era that is increasingly defined by the likes of Netflix and other streaming behemoths.

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The 2018 Army-Navy matchup on CBS nationally delivered a 5.0 household rating, with an 11.9 in Norfolk, VA, and an 11.7 in Nashville, TN. Our featured market this week is Atlanta, GA.

An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.

“Whereas TV’s contribution has traditionally been confined to brand and awareness only, the availability of data from smart devices and the application of this data have significantly changed the game.”—James Rothwell VP of Global Agency, Brand and Industry Relations, FreeWheel

What are the leading tailwinds for TV going into 2019?

D2C Marketers Will Accelerate Visibility Into TV's Kicker Effect

“TV ad companies won’t get all of the D2C dollars that they want, unless they can isolate out the TV to Facebook and Google kicker effect and prove their own contribution.” — Dave Morgan, CEO, founder, Simulmedia

Nielsen’s Q1 2018 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant and consistent preference for television over all other media.

See what night and where your returning, and soon-to-be new favorites, are airing this Fall. Download the handy primetime grid, and check out all the trailers for the new shows.

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